Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wednesday Night

I thought I'd posted earlier about the tasting group Wednesday night, but unfortunately that post seems to have been accidentally deleted.

Fortunately, I still remember most of what I'd wanted to write about. The night was a qualified success; had about 20 people show up, most of whom brought something. Everything on the table was interesting in some fashion, though I was hoping for a little more variety (which should happen with more people joining the group).

For reference, our purpose is to be able to taste some of the truly interesting wines around the world though we don't want people to think interesting has to be expensive (though it certainly can be).

In any case, the 1975 Mouton-Rothschild, while not corked, was over the hill, with rigidly aggressive tannins and little to no fruit. It certainly smelled great, but I had to agree that we'd missed the window of opportunity to drink that wine, which Parker says was probably about 9 years ago. But the rest of the wines were excellent: there was a 2004 Amon-Ra Shiraz from Barossa superstar winemaker Ben Glaetzer, a couple bottles from Domaine du Caillou, specifically their 2007 Cotes-du-Rhone and their 2005 les Quartz Chateauneuf-du-Pape bottling, which I thought was particularly interesting. I also liked a 2003 riesling auslese that was presented, though I forget the name of the producer.

I'm going to be trying this again this next Wednesday; hope you can make it. I might also have a winemaker or viticulturalist from the University attending, so that might be really cool.


Johntmurray said...

Recent wines that I have enjoyed:

Preston Mourvedre 2006

Montelle Cynthiana 2005

Joe S said...

the wednesday night event was enjoyable and interesting. Some of the wines included a entry level Oregon pinot as well as an excellent 2005 Oregon pinot from Lange,which was somewhat burgundian. two excellent chardonnays,a Gaja and a anderson conn valley. Three cal cabs. 2005anderson conn valley which IMHO was fantastic and a value for the price point.Last but not least a 2006 and a 1986 Caymus specal select cab. Both wonderful wines at different points in their lives. The 2006 is the terminator whereas the 86 is all class ala Sinatra.All in all a great evening,and this event should not be missed. Kudos to top Ten