Monday, January 19, 2009

Assorted Links and Readings

1. Richad Woodward on 'en primeur' (futures) and the 2008 Bordeaux vintage in Decanter. It seems sensible to me that if Bordeux produces a good 2008 vintage that some chateaus that currently offer their wines on futures will end the practice: people don't want to spend that kind of money on wine they haven't tasted yet.

2. Related to #1: Update on regulatory change and a report on the economics of the latest French vintage. Quick nod: Thomas Duroux of 3rd growth Bordeaux estate Chateau Palmer cited.

3. Michiko Katukani on Barack Obama's literary life in the NYT. All political considerations aside, I am ecstatic that the President-Elect is an intellectual with a profound understanding of the power of language. As a former high school and college policy debater I have long bemoaned the shortcomings in our education system and I hope Obama's example (like Lincoln before him) inspires many young people to become articulate and determined advocates. Perhaps we could rename Ted Turner debate...

4. The Brits are now the world's largest importers of wine by volume. I'm impressed, but wait for the Chinese market.

5. We just received 20 cases of Maipe Malbec 2008. Paul was there last year and took pictures which will be up on the Facebook page soon; Parker just gave the 2008 Malbec 90 points; we'll be retailing it for $13 a bottle. You really should see this wine sometime; it's incredibly inky and stains the glass a vibrant purple.

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