Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Plans for the Day

Am heading out here shortly to prune Norton at Hermanhof with Eli Bergmeier, who is with the Institute of Continental Climate, Viticulture, and Enology (ICCVE) at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

It's somewhat exciting to me that we're going out here; previously my experience with wine has been mostly an experiential thing, ie, drinking it. My experiences with Eli and the ICCVE over the past few months have really been fun and extremely educational, though I will also note that vineyard work is hard (and at this time of the year, cold).

Will be posting later about the interesting parts of this trip. Back in Columbia at around 5 this evening for the first tasting group at Top Ten.

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Missouri Wine Club said...

Wow that is some quality experience! Congrats. Hopefully Missouri has another great year of harvesting.