Thursday, January 29, 2009

Poetry Night with Rich Smith

Tonight we're hosting a poetry reading hosted by Rich Smith, a student here at the University and a friend. As you might guess, there are a bunch of poets here, drinking (because, as we all know, that's what poets are invariably best at doing) and reading their work. Along with Rich, the other poets reading tonight are Liz Langemak, Jessica Garratt, are Sarah Barber. This hopefully will be a semi-frequent thing, so check our webpage or sign up for our email address for updates.

I'll note that this space is so perfect for small gatherings like this. On occasion we have local musicians like Anna and the X's or Satin and Chenille perform, and despite the copious quantities of glassware and wine around, things invariably go smoothly. The acoustics are excellent; the 5,000 odd bottles of wine on the walls tend to break up sound waves and eliminate awkward feedback.

I'll have pictures from the various events and tastings we've had recently up in the near future.

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