Monday, March 16, 2009

More New Stuff

1. A couple blogs I recommend: Chert Hollow Farm, by Eric Reuter and St. Louis Eats by Joe and Ann Pollock. I met Joe Pollock last night at the Bommarito tasting in St. Louis; really nice guy and his blog seems to be very detailed and well written. Both are good resources if you are interested food and agriculture in Missouri.

2. Great article on Springfield's iconic regional staple cashew chicken in the NYT. A little known-fact is that Springfield is probably the nation's most competitive restaurant industry and serves as the testing ground for most national chains. Tyler Cowen, economist at GMU, posts here briefly about the labor market economics of Chinese restaurants.

3. As previously noted, Jon Poses of We Always Swing Jazz Series is offering customers of Top Ten a $5 discount on seats to the Blue Note 7 concert this Thursday at the Missouri Theatre. The Blue Note 7 recently received some really good press in last Thursday's Tribune.

4. Paul is leaving for South Africa on a wine-buying trip on Thursday! He will return on the 2nd or 3rd of April. We will be posting videos from the trip on your YouTube channel, here. (I haven't uploaded anything yet but check back within the week). If anyone has recommendations or travel tips pertinent to South Africa, leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

Paul, have a great trip...if you have a chance stop in and try the Golden Kaan wines. The House of Golden Kaan is located in Robertson, Western Cape South Africa. Cheers!

Eric Reuter said...

Thanks for the reference to our blog; I'm glad you've found value in it. Hope to see you at market.

With regards to the question you asked us, as to whether other farms were marketing themselves online, I don't know of many in the area. A few have websites of varying complexity, but I don't know of other blogs. I have no idea regarding Facebook or Twitter, as I don't use those services myself. I may very well just not know of some, but that's the best answer I can give.

Anonymous said...

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