Friday, November 28, 2008

Port Tasting, Dec. 3rd

Top Ten Wines

Warres Port Tasting

Joe Ancona
Vineyard Brands Regional Representative

Warres "Fine Selected White" Porto $18
Warres "Warrior" Porto (Vintage Character) $17
Warres "Otima 10 yr Tawny" Porto (500ml) $24
Warres "Quinta da Cavadinha" Vintage Porto 1989 $45
Warres "Late Bottle Vintage" Porto 1999 $30
Warres "Colheita Single Year Reserve" Porto $37
Warres "Vintage" Porto 2003 $75
Warres "Douro" Altano 2005 $9

As usual, we do ask that reservations be made over the phone at 573-442-2207. It's $10 per person for the tasting and a two bottle purchase is requested.

Port is one of the more interesting styles of wine to me. The idea of preserving wine by fortifying it isn't new, but the particular style and quality of Port is an invention attributed to the British, who began importing Portuguese wine during a period of war with France circa 1703. The wine often spoiled during maritime transport and the addition of brandy as a preservative became fairly common. Most of the famed and historic port houses bear their names as relics of British involvement in the Portuguese wine trade; a couple examples are Graham, Dow, Warre, Taylor Fladgate, et al. Port itself because an object of tradition and ritual in English culture; the most common is the prohibition on failing to pass the port after it's been served post-dinner along with the dictum that one must not leave the table until after the port has been finished.

We certainly hope you're able to make it out for the tasting!

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