Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Fort, Except with Wine

I'm sitting around looking through the wines here, and there are some really spectacular wines just lying around. Sea Smoke Pinot Noir, Torbreck's 'The Descendant', grand cru Burgundies from Domaine Vincent Girardin, lots of shiraz and cabernet from Clarendon Hills in Australia, 2001 Les Forts de Latour (Chateau Latour's second wine....and we haven't even opened the reserve cellar yet.

The Bluebird Music Festival is tonight, and there will be live music here.
5:45: Sal Retta
6:45: Travis Linville
8:00: Casey Reeves
9:00: Noah Earle

Hannah and Tim should be behind the bar tonight; see you around!

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