Thursday, February 26, 2009

Great Things Missouri

Tyler Cowen, one of my favorite academic economists, is someone who thinks about culture and economics as a hobby. His ethnic food guide for instance is well known, and when he visits or has reason to think about certain places he compiles a list of his favorite things or people or ideas from that place. Today's topic, Missouri. I highly recommend the click-through to this post.

I will note a couple of my Missouri favorites:
1. The Faulkner collection at SEMO; I remember hearing that they had acquired the world's largest collection of Faulkner memorabilia, which is impressive. Favorite Faulkner book: Probably Light in August.
2. Favorite Food: Gus's Pretzels in St. Louis.
3. Favorite Missouri Beer: Probably the specialty Schlafly beers.

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